Who We Are:
Chris Farren: Vocals/Guitar
Derek Perry: Bass/Vocals
Casey Lee: Guitar
Sean Stevenson: Drums

What We Are:
Handsome indie pop connoisseurs performing witty and intelligent rock & roll music with undertones of folk and electronica. Fake Problems goal has been, and always will be, to dedicate our lives to art without compromising our beliefs.

A complete transformation of pop music with a cunning, intelligent, and witty song writing style.


Watching The Bull Get The Matador

Punk Planet
Fake Problems, but real potential. Watching the Bull Get the Matador is another in a line of telling demonstrations of this Florida quartet's growing competency with arrangement and the subtle art of lyrical subterfuge. Lead singer/guitarist Chris Farren whittles passionate and patently interesting storylines along the same, but less dark directive as Indiana's Murder by Death. There isn't a touch of the beach in them, but an abundance of aching heartland misery and woebegone girl troubles. Farren's writing has gotten even better than it was on the band's earlier release "a split with Sedona" and the smorgasbord of instruments used on Matador serve the sometimes unorthodox, but smooth toolings wonderfully. Maybe still a year or two away from being a big deal, but Fake Problems should get there. (SM)

Daytona News Journal
Fake Problems combines grungy acoustic guitars, alterna-folk sounds, quivering vocals and the odd banjo and electronic noise for a low-fi, pop-rock sound


Naples Sun Times