06/25/06 Fake Problems & Jordan Kleeman Wed

We're going to start releasing our records through Gainesville's Sabot Productions. SABOT PRODUCTIONS
We'll be releasing our EP Spurs & Spokes on 7" Vinyl and then we'll be releasing Spurs & Spokes and Bull>Matador EPs together on CD before we leave on tour in the fall. We took four songs that we really liked off of Watching the Bull and re-recorded them and will have them suppliment Spurs & Spokes for our first Sabot CD.

Also, we'll be touring the east coast during July so please come out and see us. We're aiming at being in a studio in August to record a sweet rock & roll album. Then we're going to tour like mad-men in fall. I think we're going to blog our tenative dates on our myspace page-- but everything should be booked by mid-august.
While we're updating, also, we're going to be playing at The Fest V in Gainesville, FL between October 27, 28, & 29th. www.thefestfl.com

Take care! Sean, Derek, Chris, & Casey

04/18/06 Fake Problemsarino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

We got a new site up that we're going to be updating non-stop! We hope you like it; we like it because it's rocking our sweet Skeleton Cowboy that we love so much.

So if you get impatient with the site news updating, you can keep track of us by reading up on our tours and life at
That's where you can find a hipster blog written by Derek.

So we're heading out on the road through June this weekend, we're really excited. If anybody lives in America, you should come out and see us. We're going to be focusing on the mid-west and the gulf states, and then the ol' east coast in July. Visit our myspace page for our sweet and constantly updated tour schedule.

So we also just finished recording our new release, Spurs & Spokes. It's got better things going for it now than we had originally intended for it; so the release is going to be delayed until summer. It's very understandable. Please understand?

We can't really write too much without starting to sound like idiots, so, check out our tour-blog and hit us up on myspace!

Take care!! --Fake Problems

04/02/06 Fake Problems, Spurs & Spokes. Among Other Things

So we haven't updated in a bit, but that's becuase we've been hard at work doing other things! We've been playing shows non-stop all over the place. Try to let people you know in other states and particularly places we're going to go about us!

We've started a JPEG page, where you can get JPEG ad's of a Fake Problems show happening in your area. They're a great way for everyone to spread the word online, like on Myspace. I suggest you check it out here

Also, we've gotten a tiny bit of press lately.
Punk Planet Review
Naples Sun Times Story / Interview

Well, that's about it! Try to come out and see us at a show, and look for our new stuff online April 18th!

01/25/06 Against Me & FP!

That's right baby! Fake Problems is playing a very special show with Against Me! at Fleischmann Skate Park on February 4th! Here's all the official info:

Naples, FL -- It has been officially announced today that Against Me!
will be performing at the Fleischmann Community Center on Saturday,
February 4th, 2006 with Fake Problems and Film With Color. A limited
amount of tickets will go on sale Thursday, January 26th, 2006 at the
Fleischmann Community Center starting at 4:00PM. Tickets are priced at
$10.00 and available in advance only.

For more information, please visit www.fakeproblems.com or
www.againstme.net . For directions and more information about the
community center, please call (239) 213-3020.