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The Weather Station is a Canadian folk music band fronted by Tamara Lindeman, formed in 2006. The band membership has changed over the years but now includes Lindeman, with Ben Whiteley on bass, Adrian Cook on pedal steel, and Ian Kehoe on drums.

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Home Weather Station Reviews

A home weather station is a device that collects weather data using many distinct types of sensors. Home Weather Station is also called weather centers, personal weather stations, professional weather stations and weather forecaster.

Weather stations sensors could incorporate a thermometer to take temperature readings, a barometer to measure the strain in the air, as well as other sensors to measure rain, wind, humidity and more. Weather stations have many types, it can be analog, cable, or wireless version. Some even link to your computer or the internet so the information collected can be examined using weather station software.

Kinds of Sensors

Listed below is a list of measurement devices that are included with home weather stations:

Thermometer - Home weather station measure temperature indoors and outside, and even predict short-term future temperature ranges.

Relative humidity is the amount or portion of water vapor (water in gas form) in the atmosphere. Humidity impacts environmental factors and calculations like precipitation, fog, dew point, and heat index. In addition, keeping proper humidity indoors has implications for your health and home.

Barometer - A barometer measures atmospheric pressure. A barometer can help to forecast upcoming weather based on the modifications it measures the atmospheric pressure. Some home weather stations incorporate a barometric pressure history graph or a pressure tendency arrow so it is easy to track changes, like a stress fall.

Anemometer - An anemometer measures how fast the wind is blowing, or wind speed. Home weather station can display wind speed in MPH, KPH or knots, and document present, peak and average wind speed readings.

Wind Vane - A wind vane, or weather vane, is a tool that decides which direction the wind is blowing off. Home weather stations display this information with a 16 point and rose.

Rain Gauge - A rain gauge measures rainfall or liquid precipitation. Some home weather stations include rain alarms to notify you if a rain event has begun, or to alert you of possible flood conditions. 

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