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Ben Curtis

HChirs, Hey I talked to you at the show at ridge port, I play in Longview ... well I was just wondering if there is any room left to play at your CD release show. We'd love to play with you guys again. So just email me what's goin on and Good luck with the CD I'll be sure to be there and get a copy either way.

hahahah basin.

now, my question: is chason really your name? how do you pronounce that? does it rhyme with basin?
derek perry

although not directed towards me... HChris is really his name. No, I dont know what his mother was thinking. pronounciation: H. Chris. or Ache-Kris
derek perry your name really...hchris?...if do you pronounce that!??!!??!

especially anything illegal!
derek perry

No one was drunk.

the same as you always sound im sure
chris k

thanks to all 6 people who showed up to the tallie show. it was fun fun. general poll: how awful do we sound while 4/5 of us are drunk?

panties? lil john? not a good combo if ya ask me..
emo eve

Loved the "promotional single" Erica
the girl you sit with in between classes

Yeah whatever "Casey" or whatever weird nickname you go by now.

who puts hchris in quotes? like that isn't your name.

wait a moment, 'lil john', from my understanding, can only say: "What", "Huh", and "H-O.K.". i believe it was from mc chris' cd you got that quote...
derek perry

Mmm, panites.

pop punk is dead and hiphop is the way of the future
lil john

I heard that "HCHRIS" wears girls panites
fuck suck

shake it on your butt hole yeah.

you guys rock, cant wait til the next shizzow....

blue is for the ladies

Ben Curtis

I think your band is awesome and your all really hot!! espeically the lead singer! Later

Hey guys, its jason fromt he fluent, you stayed at my house, just wanted to see what was going on, site looks good.

Ska sucks.

Your band sucks.

From A Fashion Standpoint

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