From the Office of Fake Problems



Dear Friend,

You’ve been trusted with a link to this website so that you could download our new music that is unreleased. Please keep this website to yourself. Wouldn’t want the secret getting out. We’re really excited about the new recordings and want them to be fresh when they come out. Stale recordings are lame. You bite into them only to realize that the person who first got to the chips left them out and didn’t have enough courtesy to properly wrap up the bag, so now you’ve basically got something that’s ruined. Looking back, think about how stoked you were that you were on the brink of eating chips. Then they’re stale. You’re really hungry, so you eat the bad chips anyway. It’s just not the same.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we do! Love,

Casey, Sean, Chris, & Derek

Spurs & Spokes

01 - Motion of the Ocean

02 - Heat on the Feet

03 - Oh! Your Silver Heart

04 - OK Sorry OK Sorry

Bull > Matador

01 - Degree’d or Denounced

02 - Cannonball

03 - My First Million

04 - Caravan of Courage

All Songs Considered

01 - Born & Raised

02 - Truce!

03 - Untitled (Acoustic)

04 - Oh! Maria! (Acoustic)