Hey everybody! "Found You Out" is now available for download at purevolume, so download it, or don't. Tune into 92.5 on November 7th to hear us talking about how awesome we think we are.

On Friday, November 12th, put your pants on and come on down to the "OH NO!" CD release show, it promises to be a momentous occasion. More details and a flyer for that show coming very soon!


Our Tallahassee show has been confirmed, for all info, check the shows page. If you live in Tallahassee, or if you know anyone in Tallahasee, tell them to come to this show and give us attention and money. It would be much appreciated. Also, "OH NO!" is on it's way to our mailbox as we speak. Expect that early November, along with a suhweet CD release show.

P.S. I hate when bands type up updates for their websites but they act like it's not really one of them writing it, replacing "We" with "They". That's ridiculous and I hate it and I hope all of those bands are on fire right now.


There is a recent addition to the pictures page. As some of you may arm with all of his might and fury. You may now view pictures of this horrible tragedy.

know, on May 31st, 2004, Chris Donaldson savagely broke Paige Green's


Derek has departed FL for his nationwide Stars On Strings tour. He will return in October just in time for our two upcoming shows; October 15th at Rising Tide, and October 16th somewhere in Tallahassee. More details on that show soon.

Check out the new sections of the site. We now have a sweet Discography page and a Guestbook


We have a show the 15th of October, check the shows page for more information.


No more October tour because The Fluent has to dance it up at homecoming with their girlfriends.


Thanks to everyone for coming out to Trianon show on the 27th. We had an immensely great time and we hope you enjoyed it as well. Also thanks to Later Days, Edge of Grey, Off The Roster and Longview for playing great sets. If you have pictures from that show (of us), please contact us and send them over, we need them! Thanks again!


Hey, look, we have a new site. It is better. Thanks to Bobby for building it with his hands. We just finished a new EP, titled "Oh No!", and boy let me tell you; it's great. Well, it's great if you like Fake Problems. If you don't, then it sucks. Expect a release date of that sometime in October.

To support the release, we will be hitting the road again to play a short weekend tour with The Fluent. I will have dates for those shows as soon as we confirm them.

In local show news, we're playing tomorrow at the Trianon Hotel with Later Days, Longview and others. It promises to be a good show, and $1 of every $6 you pay to get in, goes to the relief fund for families who were punched in the face by Hurricane Charley.


We would like to thank everyone who came out to the Battle of The Bands and showed their support for us. We somehow made it out with first place.

Other news, we have two upcoming shows, check the shows page for more info.

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