Lost in America (Interview)

"From the sloshy sing-along choruses of the album's title track kicking things off and leading right into the stomping manifesto of "Born & Raised," to the subtle twang of "Cold on the Soul," a wide array of sound, style and substance flows from the record." Punknews.org

"How Far Our Bodies Go comes in bright, neon orange packaging. It practically blinded me. You can spot it from twelve feet away, so it shouldn't be hard to find in stores. It actually glows when placed behind other CDs, the orange light just radiates out from the sides. For serious." Punkbands.com

"Straddling the line between alt-country and unpolished pop rock, the quartet comes across as the lo-fi love brats of Ryan Adams and Rilo Kiley -- from up-tempo indie anthems to forlorn campfire ballads, the EP is little bit More Adventurous, a little bit Pneumonia" Spin.com (Band of the Day)

"How Far Our Bodies Go is one of the strongest releases, punk or otherwise, of 2007. It’s the kind of album that draws the listener in and demands he and/or she scream out every got-damned line." Wanka Vision

"Honesty is almost always why we love bands like this; we can relate to their language and feelings, and don't see them trying to rise above us on some rockstar platform. Rough, poppy and a helluva lotta fun = Fake Problems." Silent Uproar

"How Far Our Bodies Go delivers a warm, Southern feel with catchy hooks and crisp, clear vocals. Unafraid of genre boundaries, the band also incorporate a slew of unconventional instruments." Alternative Press

"Each song is in itself a barroom anthem, based on events that can happen to anybody. The trick is making them fun, which is exactly what Fake Problems does." RIFTrock

"With wise-beyond-their-years lyrics that sound even better as rowdy sing-alongs, How Far is sure to please hipsters and punks alike." Nuvo.net

"How Far Our Bodies Go isn't just a great roots-punk album that touches on all your record-collection faves -- The Replacements rub elbows with punk-era Soul Asylum as they sleep off a melodic-punk hangover -- as it combines bits and pieces from rock'n'roll glory days into something new. It's a powerhouse affirmation of living life rather than wallowing in defeat, as a loose concept unfolds as How Far Our Bodies Go explores life, death and all points between." Aversion

"How Far Our Bodies Go has all that seeping electric gusto & risen personality that turns fresh soda jerks into basement show heroes and beyond. Below is the face of what we supplied for them, and like the finest form of triumviral creativity : they liked it, we got paid & you will buy it. Or that’s at least what Jordan at Sabot is counting on in the long run." STEAK MTN